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Thank you for your interest in my work.

For over 20 years I have been building unique, individually designed string instruments in my small workshop in Erlangen, Germany, and I would like to present a selection of my products here.

For the production of my string instruments I exclusively use well aged and long stored wood. Each instrument is hand made by me personally.

As I do not make production line instruments, but manufacture the majority of my orders in close communication with my clients, the photos are merely examples of the finished products. I offer all my clients the opportunity to have an instrument built by me in accordance with their particular specifications and wishes. Neck measurements, distance between strings and scale are adjusted to your requirements without extra charge.

You can place orders in person at my workshop or by post, by phone / fax or e-mail (simply click on the business card). You can also request standard price lists for all product categories listed on this website.

Occasionally I am also offering used and restored instruments. Take a look - it's worth it.

In order to make updates on this website more easily recognisable, the respective text passages have been highlighted in green. These changes are correct on the date given at the right bottom of the index page.

Freewheel Tuning Machines:

After less than two years I have managed to return my the Freewheel Tuning Machines to the market.

Using the occasion to revise the technical construction, I was even able to improve on certain aspects.

Inquiries from other guitar manufacturers continue to be welcome.

Please visit the newly created page especially for the tuning machines by clicking on the link at the top left corner of the home page.


All guitars can be fitted with a pickup system. I am not restricted to a specific manufacturer for this.

Thank you for your attention.

Best wishes from Erlangen,

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This is no endorsement of the websites listed below.
I am happy to add customer's websites as long as they contain music, tuition, concerts, instruments etc. as topics.

Just send me a short message.

Andreas Blüml

Claus Boesser-Ferrari
Foto: M. Pollert

Krzysztof  Borkowski

Foto: K. Borkowski

Johannes M. Herrmann          Foto: J.M. Herrmann

Klaus Jäckle
Foto: K. Jäckle

Robert Lampis

Achim Reschke               Foto: A. Reschke




Business details



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January 2008 :

The French magazine Guitare Live ( ) features an article on Knut Welsch:  Please click on the title page below to open it (.pdf file):

Guitare Live article  

March 2008 :

Further articles about the TripleX Guitars have appeared in the following German music magazines:

Das Musikinstrument         edition 1 / 2008

Akustik Gitarre                   edition 2 / 2008

Gitarre & Bass                   edition 3 / 2008
Concertino                         edition 1 / 2008
Gitarre Aktuell                   edition 3 / 2008


Dear friends and customers,

Knut Welsch passed away unexpectedly on the 13th of August 2011.

We mourn the loss of a man who enriched the world with his warm-heartedness and his art.

The Welsch family would like to thank all of Knut's customers and express their gratitude for everyone's kind words.

The closure of the business side has now been completed and all outstanding demands from third parties have been met and no new demands can be processed.

Due to popular demand the Freewheel tuners will probably go back into production around the middle of the year.

11 February 2012