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There are three types of the TripleX instruments available, which I developed several years ago. These are acoustic, classical and electric guitars. I can further offer a violin. They all fulfill a three-fold role as travel, practice and stage instruments.

Some of my customers had difficulties using the practice instruments already available on the market. Sometimes the scale was not the same length as the real instrument's, sometimes there was no soundboard where it was needed for supporting the little finger in the relevant playing area. At other times there was no sound hole gap to provide more space for movement of the finger tips, or the instruments were too complicated to fold and unfold.

In short, there needed to be a guitar that possessed all the usual qualities and traits, but was very quiet and could, for transport or storage purposes, be folded up within seconds.

After much experimentation, I have developed a construction applicable to all neck - body instruments, but at the same time allowing for the different playing techniques required by each type. These instruments can be folded and unfolded with a couple of moves and are, once unfolded, immediately ready for use. Furthermore, the guitars are equipped with an integrated stand, which can be extended with only one move. You can therefore at any time set the instrument down on the unfolded stand without the instrument itself touching the surface.

The guitars can also be equipped with a pickup system, which through the special construction of the middle part of the body, produces amazing acoustics. The instruments are also perfect for use on stage.

The Patent and Brand Office has granted me the patent rights for these models!


E-Guitar: Soundboard maple,

3 single coil pickups with

5-way switch.


1 electric guitar and 2 acoustic guitar models supported by unfolded stand

Soundboard :  Spruce
  :  Cedar
  :  Maple
Back / Sides :  Mahogany
  :  Walnut
Neck :  Mahogany
Fingerboard :  Ebony
Standardscale :  Classical guitar 650 mm
  :  Acoustic guitar 640 mm
  :  E-Guitar 640 mm
Tuning machines :  Gotho, mini
  :  Schaller, mini

:  depending on customer's

   preference and model

  :  Midi
Stand :  Mahogany
  :  Ebony
Varnish :  High gloss
  :  Matt


Business details

Materials / options:

Acoustic guitar model:

Soundboard red cedar

Head of classical guitar model

Unfolded stand made of ebony

Haed of acoustic guitar model

Acoustic guitar version folded up, stand also folded in.
Soundboard :  Spruce
Back / Sides :  Maple
Neck :  Maple
Fingerboard :  Ebony
Standard scale :  325 mm
Bridge :  Ebony
String holder :  Ebony

:  customer's



TripleX Guitars
Product info

Dear friends and customers,

The Welsch family would like to thank all of Knut's customers and express their gratitude for everyone's kind words.

The closure of the business side has now been completed and all outstanding demands from third parties have been met and no new demands can be processed.

Due to popular demand the Freewheel tuners will probably go back into production around the middle of the year.

11 February 2012